Faklandia is a realm beyond any you have ever known.  Vast landscapes of verdant green jungles, arid deserts swirling with sand, and jagged mountain ridges all come together in our liquid landscapes.  Characters such as the Lizard Wizard, Princess Salamandra, and the vile Nox Atra come to life in the form of beverages not for the faint of heart.  They will become characters you know and love and get to experience through an untouched medium; taste.  Along with crafting beers that inspire the mind we will be creating an immense storyline that will be ongoing as Faklandia evolves.  Each release will comprise of several beers that build on the current story.  Come on down to Faklandia, have a beer, and get lost where imagination and reality meet.  We are strangely familiar.

Destiny rolled for initiative, and destiny struck first.  One fateful day Nathaniel (Progenitor of Faklandia) decided that he wanted to try his hand at a new hobby, brewing beer.  Much to his surprise, he enjoyed the process thoroughly.  It quickly became a routine for him and his Dad to brew on Sundays and it was not long before the idea struck him, I should start a brewery!  But what would be his calling?  Well Nathaniel has always loved everything fantasy, and much like his beer which followed little to no guidelines as to what was normal, this was his creation.  Faklandia, land of the Strangely Familiar was born.  Short after having this epiphany he came across an education program called Barley to Barrel in which one learns how to do just that, make beer and start a brewery on a professional level.   During his time in the 10 week academy he learned many skills, made lifelong friends, and forged his destiny. On his Journey he met Sir Benjamin who was also looking at dabbling in the dark arts of alcohol fabrication.  Nathaniel couldn’t do this quest alone and Sir Benjamin possessed knowledge Nathaniel did not about running a local apothecary!  Nathaniel said without hesitation, “Why don’t you join me on my quest Sir Benjamin, and we will create a land in which our ideas may flow freely through the chalices of friends and neighbors?” Sir Benjamin accepted with glee and they rode off into the sunset to create Faklandia Brewing!

But in all seriousness, we’re here to make beer that is different in that it follows a unique storyline driven by imagination that lives and breathes fantasy.  This isn’t your average brewery making what you’d expect, we make the strangely familiar.  Beers you’d find ordinary, we take them to the next level and create the extraordinary.  Get ready to be engulfed by the realm of Faklandia, learn it’s secrets, and become one of it’s many inhabitants.  We aren’t trying to change what beer is, we are changing what it isn’t.  That’s strangely familiar, that’s Faklandia.