All of our handcrafted brews

American Pilsner

This pilsner is our staple. It has the strangely familiar taste of a light ale, with a uniqueness that is, at its heart, what Faklandia is all about.

Pineapple SMASH Ale

I didn’t get these pineapples from under the sea but I did dry hop this S.M.A.S.H. (single malt and single hop) IPA with 6 of them for a week along with 2 more ounces of Simcoe hops. I added hops every 15 minutes during the boil as well to maximize the piney pineappley profile of those delicious hops. Part pineapple juice, part IPA, but a whole lot of awesome. That’s Strangely Familiar.

Black Belgian

This style doesn’t exist. I compiled a few styles of beer to make up something new to bring to the beer market. Part belgian strong ale, Part Cascadian Dark ale, and part Belgian quad.

American Pale Ale

Roasty malty backbone paired with earthy stone fruit quality of azacca hops bring a harmonious and enjoyable beverage that really warrants going back for seconds and thirds

Strawberry Crème Ale

This cream ale is sure to be a flavor that you write home about. Brewed with real local strawberries, each fruity sip will send your taste buds on a trip that they’ll not soon forget.

Mimosa Saison

Brunch goers everywhere will be lining up for the best cross between a Mimosa and beer that they’ve ever had. Brewed with orange juice and grape must to simulate that perfect brunch classic flavor. This beer is a light and sweet pairing that is sure to leave each guest wanting more.

Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Honey, Molasses, and Agave. Perfect dichotomy between sweet and bitter, this is a one and doner. Pours like motor oil with a basking warmth of the Progenitor’s grace.

Amber Ale

Every magic trick consists of 3 parts. The first part is the Pledge where the magician reveals an ordinary object. The second part is The Turn where the magician takes the ordinary object and transforms it into the extraordinary. The Third part is the Prestige where the trick comes full circle. This beer is The Turn, the second in a series of three. It may look and feel like an ordinary Amber Ale but upon closer inspection the scent of deep caramel, chocolate, and roasted coffee come together to deceive your senses. Take a sip, and if you were blindfolded you’d swear it was a coffee porter. Welcome to slight of mind. That’s Strangely Familiar.


Description Coming Soon!

Triple IPA

“WHAT GOOD IS A WIZARD WITHOUT HIS SPELL BOOK?, ” The hero proclaimed.  “Ah I have just the thing! Where is that blasted Kaleidoscope?”  You see, our hero is not your ordinary wizard, and his Kaleidoscope was no different.  The Kaleidoscope +3 was a prized possession that allowed him to view the world in past tense. He found it under a pile of parchment, “let’s take a look.”  Peering through the jewel encrusted 5x time scope he watched himself kick his spell book under his  equipment table not even 10 minutes ago. “Ah ha. Time to find the Progenitor, I need answers.”