Faklandia is a realm beyond any you have ever known. Vast landscapes of verdant green jungles, arid deserts swirling with sand, and jagged mountain ridges all come together in our liquid landscapes. Characters such as the Lizard Wizard, Princess Salamandra, and the vile Nox Atra come to life in the form of beverages not for the faint of heart. They will become characters you know and love and get to experience through an untouched medium; taste. Along with crafting beers that inspire the mind we will be creating an immense storyline that will be ongoing as Faklandia evolves. Each release will comprise of several beers that build on the current story. Come on down to Faklandia, have a beer, and get lost where imagination and reality meet. We are strangely familiar.

Pineapple Smash Ale

I didn’t get these pineapples from under the sea but I did dry hop this S.M.A.S.H. (single malt and single hop) IPA with 6 of them for a week along with 2 more ounces of Simcoe hops. I added hops every 15 minutes during the boil as well to maximize the piney pineappley profile of those delicious hops. Part pineapple juice, part IPA, but a whole lot of awesome. That’s Strangely Familiar.